What Does It Mean to Have 3b 3c Hair?

It’s Monday and I’ve officially achieved a two-a-day workout today that kicked my butt. I almost quit during workout number two, but I fought through it. Kind of proud of myself, so I’m ready to tackle this week. And not to mention I’m on cup of coffee number two #caffeinewasted! Anywho, I wanted to touch base with you and address some questions I’ve recently had come through on my latest posts about my curl tutorials for 3b 3c hair. I didn’t realize that a lot of you don’t know what I meant by 3b or 3c hair. That’s my bad. So to answer your questions, let me break it down for you.

There are a few different hair typing systems out there and the one I tend to go by is the one created by Oprah’s hair stylist, Andre Walker. The system is used to help identify the type of hair you have, so you can figure out how to care for your hair and what products you should use to cleanse and style your hair. Numbers 1-4 in the typing system relates to whether the hair is straight to kinky. ‘1’ being straight, ‘2’ is wavy, ‘3’ curly and ‘4’ is kinky. Then within that numbering system, there are sub-levels A-C. ‘A’ being less curly and ‘C’ being the highest level of curl in that category.

3b and 3c curls in particular means that the hair strands are in a S shape or a tight coil. The hair is very prone to frizz due to humidity. It’s best to use styling creams that won’t weigh down the hair and to reduce the potential for frizz. You’ll also want to use a sulfate-free cleanser because our hair type usually tends to lead to a dryer scalp. Also, the sulfate-free formula won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and minerals which is crucial to retaining moisture. Our hair tends to get very dry and dull looking due to the natural lack of moisture, so you’ll want to make sure you deep condition your hair for about an hour at least once a week. I find that this amount of deep conditioning lends the most definition and the shiniest looking curls.

If you’re looking for a great guide to type your hair, click here. I hope this clears things up for you. Please leave a comment below with any other questions you may have or your thoughts on hair typing systems. What hair type are you and what are your favorite products to use?

Sidenote: I’m currently on day 3 curls and I’m loving the results! You guys have got to try out my latest wash and go routine. You’ll find that your hair volume gets bigger and bigger as the days go by and the shine and definition still look incredible! xo



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