The Best Way to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

One of the things I love about summer is the blooming flowers and bustling streets. So many people are out and about enjoying the weather and each other. I especially love going to a beach and having fresh coconut water and taking a nap under the shade of a huge, beautiful tree.

Moving to the Middle East, aka the desert, has brought a whole new meaning to summertime. It is absolutely scorching hot here in the summer (and springtime)! I can not stand the feeling of being sticky and hot, especially when my clothes stick to my body. Since moving to the Middle East, I’ve had to make some major adjustments to how I approach my outfits for the day. It gets extremely hot here (i.e. 50 C or 122 F) and I need to keep my body nice and cool at all times. Some of the ways I do this is by wearing loose fitting or oversized clothing that covers more of my skin. I think most of us think that the less clothes we wear, the cooler we’ll be. But I’ve found that to not always be true. In fact, the opposite is much more beneficial. With the more clothes you wear, you’re not only protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, you’re also creating a cooling system around your body with the fabric you’re wearing. Your body is cooler because the sweat on your body is not being boiled by the sun, and it’s covered by the shade your clothes are giving your body. Also the light, airy fabrics allow for air to flow throw in a better way than not wearing clothes.

Some of my favorite current options are culottes, linen tops and pants, and very thin cotton trousers. What are your favorite items to wear in the summer to keep cool? Leave a comment below telling me all about it!

Oh, and drink LOTS OF WATER! That is a major key to keeping your body cool!


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