The Best Way to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

One of the things I love about summer is the blooming flowers and bustling streets. So many people are out and about enjoying the weather and each other. I especially love going to a beach and having fresh coconut water and taking a nap under the shade of a huge, beautiful tree.

Moving to the Middle East, aka the desert, has brought a whole new meaning to summertime. It is absolutely scorching hot here in the summer (and springtime)! I can not stand the feeling of being sticky and hot, especially when my clothes stick to my body. Since moving to the Middle East, I’ve had to make some major adjustments to how I approach my outfits for the day. It gets extremely hot here (i.e. 50 C or 122 F) and I need to keep my body nice and cool at all times. Some of the ways I do this is by wearing loose fitting or oversized clothing that covers more of my skin. I think most of us think that the less clothes we wear, the cooler we’ll be. But I’ve found that to not always be true. In fact, the opposite is much more beneficial. With the more clothes you wear, you’re not only protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, you’re also creating a cooling system around your body with the fabric you’re wearing. Your body is cooler because the sweat on your body is not being boiled by the sun, and it’s covered by the shade your clothes are giving your body. Also the light, airy fabrics allow for air to flow throw in a better way than not wearing clothes.

Some of my favorite current options are culottes, linen tops and pants, and very thin cotton trousers. What are your favorite items to wear in the summer to keep cool? Leave a comment below telling me all about it!

Oh, and drink LOTS OF WATER! That is a major key to keeping your body cool!


5 Ways to Wear White Jeans

Hey y’all, I wanted to share a few different ways I like to style white jeans. One of my favorite items in my wardrobe are my white jeans. They are so comfortable and the options are endless! Above, I provided a video I put together with some easy variations you can try. Please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel here -> Love Marcella. It would be a major help to have your subscription to my channel in helping me to unlock some special features I can use on my channel once I hit 100 subscribers! Your support is greatly appreciated! xo



Weekly Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Hey y’all, with Spring and Summer upon us, I don’t know about you, but my skin doesn’t do well with heat and humidity. As soon as it’s hot or humidity gets past 50%, my skin goes crazy with breakouts. Your skin products more oils due to the humidity and you’re also just simply sweating because of the heat. Dirt latches on to those oils and has more of an opportunity to seep into the pores and cause a breakout. As a teenager and in college I never had issues with my skin. I rarely had breakouts, and when I did, it was maybe only 1 or 2. I have had issues with Adult Acne for the past few years. I have suffered from cystic acne, skin congestion especially in my cheeks, and all over redness. I have done so many different things over the years to try and obtain tamed and smooth skin again. I have done everything from getting shots into the blemishes from the dermatologist, chemical peels, hydro-facials, regular facials, intense facials, retin A, etc. I have done everything except for taking internal medication. I am determined to achieve good skin without the assistance or help from internal medication (i.e. pills or shots). It’s just my personal preference. One of the major things I had to change was my overall stress levels and my diet. Once I got that under control, I believe I was dealing with normal hormonal acne from that point on. After all the products and trial and error, I have found the products that help me keep my acne at bay. I do this regimen weekly to do a deep clean of my skin. Check out the video I made explaining it all below! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here ->Love Marcella Your support means everything to me!

Here are the steps I take to keep my skin in good condition:

Step 1: Cleanse

If I am wearing makeup, I start by doing a pre-cleanse on my skin using Coconut Oil. It is excellent at breaking up all the makeup on your skin (even waterproof mascara) without having to be rough on your skin. Then after that I cleanse with my Dermalogica MediBac Skin Wash. This wash contains Salicylic Acid, which aids in reducing the amount of sebum that is produced by your skin. Sebum is good, but too much production can lead to congested pores and blackheads and lead to breakouts.

Step 2: Exfoliate

I like to exfoliate after cleansing, but it’s important to use a gentle exfoliant. If you use an exfoliant with too big of beads, or too gritty you can actually make your skin worse since you are causing an excessive amount of irritation. I love the Botanical Exfoliator from Mario Badescu. You’ll want to make sure you use a light hand when using your exfoliating product. It’s already doing the work for you, and you don’t want to irritate your skin too much by using a heavy hand and scrubbing your face too hard.

Step 3: Clay Mask

This is my FAVORITE part of the process. I love The Problem Solver clay mask from May Lindstrom. The smell is indescribable, but I love the smell. It’s just a fresh, spa feeling smell. You’ll want to take a tea spoon amount in a small bowl and mix it with equal parts water. I just use an old foundation brush to mix it and also use it to apply the mask to my face. I leave it on for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. I think you’re only supposed to leave it on for about half an hour, but I personally love to leave it on for longer because I believe it penetrates much better. I need all the help I can get! I then use a wash cloth that I run under warm water to remove the mask. Try to not be rough when removing because the mask turns hard when dried and it can be a little uncomfortable and feel kind of scratchy if you don’t use a wet warm rag and go slowly.

Step 4: Honey Mask

Honey is believed to be calming and repairing. So I love using the May Lindstrom The Honey Mud mask after the clay mask. Another option is to mix together The Problem Solver mask with The Honey Mud mask, but I love the separate process. It feels more like an ‘at-home-spa-day’ when I do it this way. Use a clean spoon to scoop out a little product, spread it all over your skin and leave it for half an hour. I however leave mine on for an hour. Again, I need all the help I can get haha! Then take a brand new wash cloth and run it under warm water. Use the wash cloth to remove the mask from your face.

Step 5: Face Mist

I love the Jasmine Garden face mist from May Lindstrom but another that I also love is the Caudalie face mist. I go between the two. Just depends on my mood that day. But the mist contains anti-oxidants which are crucial to preventing blackheads and white heads. It’s also calming to your skin and in my opinion from several uses, seems to reduce redness.

Step 6: Moisturize

I use the Blue Cocoon beauty balm by May Lindstrom in this process. I can write an entire post raving about this moisturizer. You guys, you literally need half a pea-sized amount. When you apply the balm to your skin, it warms up and turns into a spreadable moisturizer. When I first used it, I made the mistake of using maybe a little more than a pea sized amount and I had so much product I had to spread it over my neck and hands and elbows and knees haha! I do this routine at night just for this moisturizer. It is so moisturizing, that when I apply it, sleep and then wake up, my skin looks so radiant and healthy and glowing.

Let me know how this regimen worked out for y’all. As far as the products, I suggest trying to get samples of the products and try them out. The May Lindstrom products are a little on the pricier side, but if you think of cost per use, how long it’ll last you and the cost of going to a spa for this treatment, it’s actually very worth it! Let me know how you liked the regimen in the comments below or what products you used as your Clay Mask or Honey Mask. I love trying out new products! xo




Benefits of Carrot Juice

I recently bought a juicer and let me tell you I have been in love with it! For a few years now, I’ve loved fresh juice, especially green juice. I was always hesitant to actually buy a juicer because they’re kind of pricey and I was nervous that I wouldn’t “commit” to the juicing life. I finally bit the bullet and bought a juicer because when I added up all the juices I bought from the little juice store up the street, I could have had a juicing machine of my own within a few months! So here I am packing my juice machine home, with no idea what I’m doing. I didn’t know any recipes or what fruits and veggies go well together. I went to the grocery store and just stocked up on tons of fruits and veggies and began experimenting with combinations. I quickly learned that I loved using lots of carrots in my juice recipes. And they have a natural sweetness to them, so you don’t need to add any fruits to sweeten your juice. The curious person I am, I began to wonder what are the health benefits of carrot juice? I mean I’m ingesting this drink every single day and I didn’t even think to look into what it could do to my body. I guess I figures, ‘hey, it’s a veggie, so I should be good’. But I still wanted to find out. Here are a few benefits I found in my research.

I also want to point out that I am in no way a 100% healthy eater. I do treat myself to junk food every now and then. But I really try my best to eat as healthy as possible, especially since I’ve noticed a change in my body feeling a lot better in general while on a healthier diet. I encourage you to join me on this healthy lifestyle and get to eatin’ some carrots little rabbit!

Benefit #1: Improves your vision

Since about elementary school, I’ve always had to wear glasses. I have to get my yearly eye exams, and on this year’s eye exam, my prescription did not change much at all, whereas the previous year there was a massive spike in how bad my eyes had gotten in just one year. So I can actually say that I have noticed a difference in my drinking carrot juice.

Benefit #2: Full of Antioxidants

The antioxidants contained in carrots help protect against cancer, improve brain function, and decreases the risk of heart disease and stroke

Benefit #3: Helps increase skin healing.

This is especially important for me because I have acne-prone skin. So when I have a flare up in my acne, I can be left with bad spots on my face. Carrot juice helps with skin healing quicker and better.

Benefit #4: Regularizes menstruation

I honestly had no idea that carrot juice helps with improving or regularizing menstruation, but I noticed the past couple months that my cramp pains have significantly reduced. I usually have such debilitating cramps that I have to stay home and basically be in bed all day. I literally had to call off work or leave work to go home and deal with the pain. No amount of Advil would relieve the pain. Then unknowingly, I started on my health kick and started drinking at least a few carrot juices per week. I noticed my cramps were barely noticeable. This benefit of carrot juice has been life changing for me.

Benefit #5: Excellent source of Calcium

I grew up believing that you can only get Calcium from milk. As I grew up, I started to dislike milk more and more. I guess my tastebuds changed over time. I really do not drink milk, except for a small splash in my coffee. Once I started making my own carrot juice at home and did research on what I was putting into my body, I was so happy to discover that carrots are an incredible source of calcium which is essential to bone health and bone growth.

I hope this information was helpful for you and it inspires you to try something new, like carrot juice. Please subscribe on the right hand side. All you need is your email and it’ll be a huge help for me as I’m still working on growing my blog. Thank you in advance for your support! xo


Spring 2017 Favorites

Hey y’all! I want to share with you my current favorites for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I won’t be doing a monthly favorites, but rather a periodic compilation of my favorite items. Watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! For more blog posts to come straight to you, subscribe to my blog on the right hand side! It’s easy, all you need is your email! xo



5 Easy Curly Hairstyles

Hey y’all, I want to share some of my favorite go-to curly hairstyles. You can actually wear these for any type hair. Please watch the video and subscribe to my channel for more beauty and lifestyle videos!

Style #1: High Ponytail

Style #2: High Bun (top knot)

Style #3: Half Up, Half Down

Style #4: Half Up Top Knot, Half Down

Style #5: Twisted Fronts

I hope you enjoy and please comment below your thoughts! Thank you all for your support. Starting this blog hasn’t been easy and I appreciate all the view, likes, subscriptions, etc.! xo