Overcoming holiday blues


I am so excited for the holidays I can’t even stand it. Being away from my family has been very taxing on me. I went from seeing them every single week, sometimes multiple times a week, to now only a couple times a year. These past few months have been hard for me to go another day without feeling sadness. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I always love to be with my family the most during that time. Since I will miss the holidays with my family, I decided to fill my home with the spirit of Christmas and to surround myself with as many nice and loving people as I possibly can and to open my home and heart to more people.

I started off by decorating my home with Christmas inspired details, like ribbons, snowflakes and a Christmas tree. There is definitely a mark-up on Christmas related items, but to me, it’s worth the money and time it takes searching. I haven’t found what I like as far as decor, for example it’s been impossible to find garland. I thought of going to Dubai, but it’s not that serious right now. I also haven’t found any decent wreaths that aren’t super small, but again I gave up on that also. I’ve made due and it’s been fine so far. Some of the places I’ve found Christmas décor are Zara Home, Bath & Body Works now has their holiday candle, soaps and lotion collection! and Daiso in Muscat Grand Mall, Home Centre, and a few other home stores around town. I bought a tree off a lady who moved away and she sold it with all the ornaments. Totally not my taste at all, but it was a good price and it had everything already with it, so I can’t complain. I’ll get my “dream tree and ornaments” sometime down the line.

In addition to changing up the environment, I’ve also been trying to listen to as much Christmas music as possible. This immediately puts me in a great mood and I am totally in the Christmas spirit. I also have been trying to remember to tell everyone “Merry Christmas”! I thought about going to the church service here, but when I went on Easter, it was over crowded and honestly quite dangerous with how many people were in that room. Fire code definitely wasn’t in mind, so I won’t be going as I know it’ll be packed again. However, I will be tuning in via live stream on the church service from home. I definitely want to be sure that the meaning of Christmas is at the forefront of my mind. I like to use this time as more of a reminder to appreciate my loved ones and to be grateful for what I have. With Jesus Christ’s birthday, I always take this time as an opportunity to refresh, cleanse, purge and start from a clean slate. This time is my “new year”, so to speak.

I hope that this brought some inspiration to those of you who are away from home on ways to make it more of a happy time. Whether you live overseas due to the military or for work or whatever the reason may be, I hope that you find that little piece of home that will brighten your days during this time of year.

Love, Marcella

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