How to Cut Curly Hair at Home

Hey y’all, so about a week ago I did something craaaazy! I cut my own hair at home! I didn’t even own a pair of hair cutting scissors. I had to make a special trip to the store for a pair of scissors just so I can attempt this madness. Let me explain, just hear me out. I am extremely particular about who cuts my hair and how they cut my hair. Cutting and shaping curly hair is not easy. There’s strategy and planning behind it. Since moving overseas, I just have not seen anyone with hair like mine and when I finally did step foot in a salon, I asked what is their process for cutting curly hair and the first thing they said was flat iron. Uh, nope! That’s pretty much a recipe for a bad hair cut. Feeling super discouraged and frustrated I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. So here is a video of me cutting my own hair, LIVE! I show you step by step so you can cut your own hair at home also. Please note that you will do this method if you’re looking to achieve a similar look (rounded & full hair). Subscribe to my channel here –> Love Marcella for more curly hair, beauty and lifestyle videos.

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Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Muscat, Oman

It truly seems like the time is flying by! I feels like just yesterday I moved to the Middle East and now, suddenly I’m about 5 months in to living here and I’ve found my groove! My time here involves many busy days of work, housework, cooking, spending time with friends and finding time in all of that for self-growth, meditation, saving money, working out, being great, etc. It’s exhausting! So I decided it was time for a much-needed break and I wasn’t going to take anything other than the sounds of the ocean and a nice cold cocktail with the warm sun feeding my soul and my skin. So that’s exactly what I got, but the place I stayed was more amazing than I expected.

Shangri-La is a franchise of hotels that has several locations around the world and they are known for their five-star service and accommodations. They have locations in the Hong Kong, France, and Japan just to name a few. First of all, the room was pretty awesome. It’s like staying at your relative’s house who is well off and super clean. It feels like a safe haven. Away from all of the chaos and racket of city life. Of all the activities I did, I especially appreciated the room for my one night of “stay-in-bed-and-watch-a-movie” night. I loved that there were good channels to choose from and there are different languages also (french, spanish, arabic, english, etc.), and they even had a good movie channel in English. The mornings were heavenly because the drapes were black out and I was able to sleep in for as long as I wanted.

Breakfast is included in your stay and it’s a full buffet of deliciousness. You can omelettes made-to-order any way you like. There were meat options (chicken or beef), and you had your pickings of fresh breads. My favorite was the chocolate croissants. I almost always have as salad for breakfast when I travel. So in sticking with tradition, I enjoyed a large salad at breakfast every morning and their salad bar had everything you could want, even smoked salmon! You can also order any sort of coffee you want like a cappuccino, americano, latte, etc.

What to Do:

I really liked the water sports area at Shangri-La. I did the donut ride which is a speed boat that is connect to a floating circle by a long rope. Then the boat takes off really fast and then is pulls you along for a super fun ride on the waves it creates. I had the wind blowing, water splashing in my face, lifting from my seat from the wave cutting. It was a blast! I think the total cost was 20 Omani Riyal for this ride which wasn’t too bad for 2 people. Then we did kayaking which is the only free watersport. I liked that you didn’t have to pay to use the life vests with the kayaks. Kayaking was such peaceful ride along the cove. You can see the entire property and the natural rock formations on your ride. Once I circles back around to shore, we decided to go snorkeling and borrowed some snorkeling gear from water sports area. I saw so many fish! And the waters are crystal clear. I couldn’t believe how far down you could see in what I considered a pretty deep area of the water. It was just stunning.


I really liked Al Tanoor restaurant. It’s buffet style but you get gourmet items. I usually don’t like buffets because they seem to have lower quality food or food that has less effort put in to it because they just worry about making it in bulk, not necessarily the food itself. But this buffet was so opposite of that. I loved that you can get made to order options like the skewer of prawns that you can order and have made fresh for you and they bring them to the table for you when they’re done. Or the beef tenderloin is made fresh that day. There are also so many healthy options too. I didn’t do any other restaurant option because the buffet was enough. One day I just did the buffet breakfast and the buffet dinner. I brought in my own snacks from a local store before hand and had that snack during the day while spending time at the beach because I was pretty full from the breakfast buffet and didn’t really need a full meal for lunch.


There is a rooftop bar on-site that plays house music. The vibe is really nice and the setup reminds of a Miami outdoor bar area with the wicker furniture and white cushions. The bartender was ok. They weren’t very good at making a classic margarita, however their drink list has really good options. They had one drink that had cucumber and red peppers. I love spicy, but I was a little nervous it’d be too spicy but it wasn’t. Actually it could have used more pica (means spicy in spanish) in my opinion.

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Spring 2017 Favorites

Hey y’all! I want to share with you my current favorites for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I won’t be doing a monthly favorites, but rather a periodic compilation of my favorite items. Watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! For more blog posts to come straight to you, subscribe to my blog on the right hand side! It’s easy, all you need is your email! xo



5 Easy Curly Hairstyles

Hey y’all, I want to share some of my favorite go-to curly hairstyles. You can actually wear these for any type hair. Please watch the video and subscribe to my channel for more beauty and lifestyle videos!

Style #1: High Ponytail

Style #2: High Bun (top knot)

Style #3: Half Up, Half Down

Style #4: Half Up Top Knot, Half Down

Style #5: Twisted Fronts

I hope you enjoy and please comment below your thoughts! Thank you all for your support. Starting this blog hasn’t been easy and I appreciate all the view, likes, subscriptions, etc.! xo



Oman Adventure

I had such an incredible time exploring Oman. There are so many hidden gems in this part of the world. It’s one of the few places I’m aware of that you can go off-roading in a mountain and in the same day, only a few minutes away, have a picnic by the beach peering into the ocean.

The peacefulness you feel when you out near the water is incredible. We hung out by the ocean where we saw turtle heads peeking up out the water to peer into the sky. I believed that they were curious who we were and wanted to say hi. Wadi Al Arbyinn was a sight to see. We had to do some 4×4-ing to get to the area. The water is so clear, and untouched. You’ll find random quiet campers set up shop and relaxing in the shade. One of the favorite things I do is to have a picnic after our activities.

Wahiba Sands was a literal adventure! We went dune bashing where you ride in a 4×4 on the dunes. It’s very bumpy and feel like you’re in a roller coaster because the dunes are incredibly tall. We also went for a camel ride. I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t know how the animals were treated. But I was able to see first hand that the camels are very well taken care of and handled gently. Not one was handled aggressively or lashed out at. It was such a calm ride with our camel friends. Then we had traditional Omani dinner and breakfast and it was very good. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was eating camel meat, lamb or chicken. Whatever it was, it was tasty. I also enjoyed my very first camp fire. I loved it!

Bimmah Sinkhole was especially memorable because I swam for the first time in natural deep water, all by myself with no floating device! I didn’t know how to swim, but I’ve been taking lessons. I was so proud of myself y’all! I can’t wait to get even better so I can do more and more exploring!

I hope that you visit Oman. I can’t wait to explore more. I think I see an Omani Adventures part 2 coming soon! xo


4 Ways to Wear an Oversized Shirt

Since moving to the Middle East, it’s been interesting trying to figure out what to wear here. It is a bit more conservative than I’m used to, not that I was dressing like a hooch before, but I didn’t really give the way I dressed any thought. I’m used to throwing on a t-shirt, some shorts and a pair of sandals or sneakers for most of the year since Texas is hot for most of the year. But moving here, nope. Can’t wear that. If you wear shorts out here, be ready for someone to come up to you and literally tell you that you are dressed inappropriately. It hasn’t happened to me personally, but I know people that this has happened to. I am so nervous that someone might come up to me and say something of a similar nature, that I find myself always second guessing or checking my outfits to make sure I am dressed respectably. I don’t want to not only disrespect the culture, but I definitely don’t want to offend any of my friends by dressing in a way that they might think is unacceptable.

It’s been quite interesting really. I’ve noticed a change in myself. A sort of transformation process. At first, I was afraid that I’d be shunned for accidentally not “thinking” before I left the house and wearing something “wrong”. Then as I got used to it, I found myself almost judging others who proudly wore spaghetti strap tops and daisy dukes or dresses that show their legs. Then I caught myself. Like , really? I’m really sitting here judging someone else? Isn’t that exactly what I was afraid of, and I’m literally doing exactly what I didn’t want. I felt bad that I was judging those people. Then I realized, in essence, I was judging the ‘old me’. The old me who didn’t know any better or wasn’t as informed as I thought I was. So why would I do that to others? Maybe because I felt ashamed that I didn’t know in the first place. That I was living in such a bubble of my own world before, thinking it’s the same everywhere.

What if those people I judged didn’t know anything about the culture and they’re just visiting so that they could learn about the culture? What if they felt a certain way about the customs here and decided, ‘F it, I’m going to wear what I want anyway’? Or what if they were just simply freakin’ hot and couldn’t deal? So I forgave myself for judging and decided to try my best to lead by example. I try to portray what I know to be appropriate, and hopefully this will encourage someone to embrace part of the culture that surrounds them also. It’s not that hard. And It’s not so bad, honestly. In general, it’s best to keep your shoulders covered and to wear loose-fitting clothing. If you are wearing something tight, like your bottoms, then it’s good to have a top long enough to cover your butt. If your top is fitted, then you should definitely wear a shawl to cover. There are an infinite amount of variations you can do that are stylish and still remain within the customs and expectations of the culture out here. I hope that this inspires you to embrace an aspect of whatever culture you’re in.

For now, enjoy this quick look book on how I styled this oversized button up from Topshop. It’s not a men’s shirt, however you very well could just buy a men’s shirt. I would think they’re a bit more boxy, so you’d want to get it taken it. I like my shirts to be new-looking and crisp, but your own choice on fabric is up to you. This top is super versatile too. You can wear it to work, to run errands, to the airport and even as a bathing suit cover up. And it’s super airy, so It’s perfect for the upcoming summer months here in the Middle East.

Let me know what you guys think about the difference in dress codes around the world. How do you style your oversized shirts?

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