5 days in Sri Lanka Part 2


As promised, here are the places I ate, the nightlife I experienced and the places I shopped

Where to Eat

Sasha Food Court

As soon as we landed we were starving so we asking our taxi driver to take us somewhere with really good food. We didn’t care where, just good food. So he took us to Sasha Food Court which was about 15 minutes away from Colombo airport. The food was SO GOOD, and so cheap! We had 2 Sasha special noodles (which were huge plates of food), a soda and a cappuccino all for about $13 USD or 5 OMR.

Devon Tea Room

The first day we opted out of the hotel breakfast and instead went to a restaurant that has the best authentic Sri Lankan breakfast. We had the breakfast hopper and curry at Devon Tea Room. We also tried the potato curry which was amazing. If you are looking for a breakfast more along the lines of eggs, with baked beans, toast, potatoes, coffee, etc….this is not the place.  We pretty much had what I would consider lunch-type food with fish, soups, noodles, etc. Nonetheless it was still a fantastic meal and I was happy to experience the authentic breakfast at least once while in Sri Lanka. I honestly didn’t care for the coffee, but still tried it anyway. They use powdered milk as the creamer, which is definitely not my thing, but I took a few sips just to try it and to be polite since they were staring at us obvious “out-of-towners” the entire meal.

Ozo Hotel Restaurant

Our first night in Kandy we ate at the hotel restaurant and it was surprisingly very good food with really good wine. The tuna steaks were not over-done and the steamed veggies were made just right. The portion size was perfect if you’re really hungry.

Royal Bar & Hotel

We ate dinner here on our second night and the atmosphere was amazing. We decided to sit outside on the balcony and it was really lovely at night. They were also playing soft romantic music which really set the mood for a calm, enjoyable evening. The drinks were decent, but don’t expect to find top shelf here. They will have the bare minimum in each type of alcohol (vodka, whisky, tequila, etc). I have to say that the food was really good. Again, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was good enough that my pallet was satisfied and I didn’t leave hungry.

Gamagedara Village Food Restaurant

We went to Gamagedara immediately after our hike at the Lion’s Feet and our stomachs were so ready for a big meal and something ice cold to drink. When we arrived, we weren’t sure we were at the right place because we were essentially at someones house and it was really quiet. We walked up and they welcomed us in, the woman was already preparing the food, instructed us to go up the stairs and to sit. The menu is set, so you have to just dive in and try everything. This is not a place to be picky. I had an ice cold Coke and that was about all I cared about. The food was absolutely amazing and her little one was super cute hiding around the corner and smiled at me when she passed by. The family was so lovely and always checked to make sure we were taken care of and that we were enjoying ourselves. I highly recommend having a meal here to visit with the people who live there, to experience their kindness and hospitality and enjoy the delicious meal.

Nightlife in Kandy and Sigiriya

Royal Bar & Hotel

The nightlife wasn’t really there. You don’t go to Kandy or Sigiriya to party or if you’re looking for a night out on the town dancing and what not. However if you want to have a nice evening out, I really liked Royal Bar & Hotel. Again, it’s not a party spot at all, really quite dull, but it was a nice date night evening.

The Pub

I really really wanted to go the The Pub to just check it out and at least have a glass of wine and relax for a bit, but our driver was very tired from the day and I completely understood. We decided

Where I shopped

To be honest, there wasn’t a central place in particular that I went shopping, however I did shop whenever I could to try and find some things to take back home. I shopped at the Tea factory and brought back tons of tea. The is actually one of the more favorite items we brought back because it is such amazing tea. I went shopping at the spice garden and brought back a few beauty products that I can’t wait to use. I also shopped at Premadasas gem store in Sigiriya. Sri Lanka is known for their gem mining and you can find beautiful stones in so many different shapes and clarities at an amazing price. I found my birthstone and I got a 1 carat and they put it in a gold setting for me the same day! I already had a gold chain at home that I could put it on and they went perfectly together! I was so impressed by the service and the price I got it for.


I hope this help you on your journey to Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for my experiences with the beauty products I got from the spice garden.

Love, Marcella

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